Master Class

If you have a solo that you would like to play for the master class, please let us know as soon as possible. There are limited spaces, so don’t delay. Tell us your name, age and grade level, your teacher’s name, the name of the piece you have selected and any information about yourself that you think we should know. If there are too many applicants, we may have one of the other clinicians have a second masterclass simultaneously in another room.


Horn Choirs

Advanced Horn Choir - TBD

Recommended for advanced adults, college students and HS students, who are good sight readers and have a good range of both high and low playing and can play in many keys. Repertoire will likely include parts written in the bass clef and require good technical proficiency. 


Moderate Horn Choir - TBD

Recommended for those who play well, including adults, HS and advanced MS school students. Skill level will be similar to 8th -10th grade band or wind ensemble and may possibly include some bass clef.


Easy Choir - TBD

For all age groups, the music will include rhythms that are not complex and range in a comfortable zone, not going too high or low and not including any bass clef.


8:00     Registration/Check-in/Exhibits open


8:30     Group Warm-up 

8:55     First General Session 

  • Featuring: OPO Horn Section, Stetson University Horn Ensemble, and University of Florida Horn Choir

  • Randy Gardner – “Effective Approaches to Teaching and Learning”

10:45   Break-out Sessions 

  • High School Solo Competition 

  • Horn Ensemble Reading Session

  • Jazz in the Horn World by Erika Arango 


11:45   Lunch 


1:00     Second General Session 

  • Featuring: The Horn Club of Central Florida, University of Central Florida Horn Ensemble

  • Regional Artists

  • Randy Gardner Recital


2:30     Third General Session

  • Masterclass  


3:45     Break-out Sessions 

  • Meet the Maker – Warburton Mouthpieces 

  • Selecting the right mouthpiece – Wakefield 

  • Horn Ensemble Reading Session 


4:45     Closing 

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